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In the discipline of Physics, mechanics is an important part and Kinematics is the part of mechanics. In kinematics, one without considering the forces of motion describes the motion of objects. You need Kinematics assignment answers to get hold of the basics of this subject.

  • v = v0 + at
  • ∆x = v0 t + ½ at 2
  • v 2 – v0 2 = 2 a ∆x
  • Vav = (v0 + v )/2
  • a = ∆v/∆t (by definition)
  • a = (v – v0 )/t

Here, ∆x stands for Displacement

T stands for time interval

V0stands for initial velocity

V stands for final velocity

A stand for constant acceleration

The variables for kinematics are as follows:

  • Time
  • Position
  • Velocity and Speed
  • Displacement and distance
  • Acceleration

In kinematics, it is important to consider either one dimensional or two-dimensional motions which are related to displacement, acceleration and velocity. In the case of one-dimensional motion, only one coordinate is required among the three coordinates are needed to locate the position of the object.

In the case of two-dimensional motion, two co-ordinate is required among the three coordinates are needed to locate the position of the object.

According to Kinematics homework answers following motions are taken into account:

  • Motion with constant acceleration
  • Motion with constant velocity

Equations of Kinematics

  • I equation of Motion: This equation is called as velocity time relation.

V= u+at

Here v stands for the velocity of the object, u stands for initial velocity and a stands for uniform acceleration.

  • II equation of Motion: This equation is called as position time relation.

x=x0 + ut+½at²

  • III equation of Motion: This equation is called as velocity acceleration relation.


  • The symbol “V” stands for the final velocity
  • The symbol “S” stands for the displacement
  • The symbol “T” stands for the time
  • The symbol “A” means the acceleration of the object
  • The symbol “U” stands for the initial velocity value


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In order to understand the concept of Kinematics, it is important to choose Kinematics assignment answers from We aim for making understand the following important topics so that you do not face difficulty in learning the basics.

  • Rest and Motion
  • Distance and Displacement
  • Frame Of Reference
  • Instantaneous Speed and Instantaneous Velocity
  • Average Velocity and Average Speed
  • Motion with Constant Acceleration
  • Average Acceleration and Instantaneous Acceleration
  • Relative Motion
  • Graphical Analysis of 1D Motion

The problems in kinematics are solved by these formulas:

Formula for missing Δx: v=v0+at

Formula for missing aΔx= (v+v02) t

Formula for missing v: Δx=v0t+12at2

Formula for missing t: v2=v20+2aΔx

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