Key Performance Indicators Assignment Answers

Key Performance Indicators That is Important from a Business Point of View 

Key Performance Indicators are important from a business point of view. Profit is an important thing that is an indicator for shareholders and other investors. The gross profit and net profit is an important parameter for a company to make forward movement.

Key Performance Indicators that a business should look for

Cost is an important factor that will determine profit. Cost of manufacturing will determine the price that should be used for getting profit.

There will be a comparison between actual revenue and targeted revenue. Budgeting is done to ensure that company needs something to keep the cost down and increase profit. There are chances that when a company prepares a budget they would also look for contingency situations like flood, natural disasters, change in government law and regulation.

Still, a company may have to face a daunting task of meeting some fury that nature has in store. Assume that the warehouse place is reeling under severe floods and that can make a movement of goods outside a daunting task. Goods left unsold will affect the sales, and that can dent the profit.

Daily outstanding sales is an indicator that will have a bearing effect on the company growth, and Key Performance Indicators assignment answers will be looking in deeper to this issue.

Customer lifetime value is important as a company should invest in consumers that bring in more returns, and the value can be as less as 20 &. It is better to ignore the rest 80%, and there is also a value for new customer acquisition.

There should be an addition that would bring benefits to the company, and the cost of acquisition should not override the return on investment.

Customer satisfaction and retention should be done on a periodic basis, and there will be a net consumer survey score that will bring in more investment to the company.

Percentage of product defects is an important parameter based on which a company will decide on the profit. Key Performance Indicators assignment answers will cover the employee turnover ratio in detail so that company performance will be understood in detail.

The percentage of response to open positions will determine the quality of the company on the minds of consumers.

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