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Some things go beyond a control of a single firm, and external audit brings to the light new concepts like increased competition, an shift in an population, an  increased earning capacity of youngsters, an increased  rise of information technology and so on. The role of government in ensuring the perception change that happens to a company is also falling under key external factors.

The key external forces

There are many external forces under the section of the economic head, and they are social, cultural, demographic, environmental factors that affect the performance of a company. The role of political forces like the disruption of work in a particular area that can hamper business and the role of government in bringing new legislation’s is also a factor in key external forces.

Technological forces ate key external forces, and this means increased competitiveness and  increased technological use.A company may suddenly use e-commerce and start selling a product, and this can reduce the market share of a company.Competing companies can cut middle men when they  go for  e-commerce, and this will reduce price and can attract many customers

An external audit will bring to fore the key elements needed for sustaining company competitiveness and the firm should have the courage to react to market signals.A company should also have a position to make sure that required documents are well researched before concluding.

The previous audit reports along with journals and bank statements needed to be verified by the team before arriving at a valid conclusion. A student seeking Key External Forces Homework help will understand the ways and methods to search the documents for valid information.

An audit plan is undertaken by external audit team, and this will help in bringing to the fore the key things needed by the company.

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