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What is Kaizen Budgeting?

Kaizen is a Japanese word that means constant improvement or changing for the better. Kaizen Budgeting refers to an approach that clearly includes constant improvement in the budget numbers during the budgetary period. It focuses on numerous minor improvements instead of giant steps. The budget numbers depend on current methods or practices rather than on changes that are still to be implemented.

This type of budgeting promotes minor incremental changes, instead of significant improvements. It is a simple concept that is defined as a continuous effort by every employee or member of an organization, whether staffs or CEO, to ensure improvement of all the systems and processes of a specific organization. It involves a constant effort for making improvements in every level of activity of a business, whether in the simplest manufacturing processes or in other areas. Every worker of an organization, from top to junior level, is encouraged to suggest small improvements every day.

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Understanding Kaizen Budgeting in depth

Kaizen’s managerial strategy is used by various organizations across the globe to improve their work process and operational performance. Kaizen, as well as the Total Quality Management theory, have displayed different efforts to show the implementation of the approach in standard business education styled like classroom lessons. Kaizen involves systematic application and aims at improving the efficiency of employees, tracking down all possible problems and establishing a properly defined, standard method. It is important in business growth and management.

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