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Just-in-time (JIT) is a process which is used by companies to increase the performance efficiency. This system of inventory supply represents a different strategy than what was used in the traditional method, where producers used to carry large inventories so that they were prepared for handling cases where high demands had to be met.As the application of this process results in waste reduction, as only those goods are received which are needed in the production process, therefore it leads to reduction in inventory costs.

Now that you know what just in time production stands for let the subject experts of just in time production assignment help teach you about the advantages and disadvantages of just in time production.


There are many advantages of this production process. Production time gets shorter, which allows movement from one item of production to another, on the part of the manufacturers.  This method also helps in reducing costs because it eliminates storage needs. It leads to reduction of the money used in raw materials because companies only need to buy only those raw materials which are required in the process of production.

But there are many disadvantages of this production which have been discussed by just in time production homework help experts.


There are many disadvantages too, which are associated with just in time production process. It causes a disruption of the supply chain. If the raw materials cannot be delivered on time,the entire production process is affected. There is delay in the delivery of the final goods to the client, which results in loss.

Benefits of using just in time production strategy

There are many benefits of just in time production strategy, which will be taught to you by just in time production strategy homework help experts.

  1. Reduction in space requirement:

The quantity of stock which has to be removed from the system is quiet large, and when JIT production method is used, it leads to reduction of floor space.

  1. Reduction in handling equipment:

As the need for complex machinery gets eliminated, therefore, it leads to reduction of labor cost.

  1. Reduction in lead time:

Implementing the process of just in time production reduces the lead time by a wide margin as there is an increase in the rate of production.

  1. Reduced planning complexity:

Using this process results in the reduction of the need for complex planning.

  1. Improved Quality:

Implementation of just in time production leads to improved quality of products and services.

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