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Joint products are two or more products which are generated from asingle manufacturing process. These products cannot be produced separately. All the outputs of single production process are not considered joint products. Only those products which have significant value are called joint products. This differentiation is needed in the case of cost accounting.

Joint cost is the collection of common costs when it is not possible to separate the products from each other. These costs benefit more than one product.

A Few Examples:

Many industries are associated with the work of producing joint products.

  • Different types of woods obtained from the same tree
  • Production of different milk products such as cheese, butter, cream from milk
  • Production of petrol, diesel, gasoline, lubricants from crude oil etc.
  • The chloralkali process is one of the basic Chemical processes. In this process, sodium, hydrogen, hydroxide, chorine etc. are created.

Benefits of Joint Costs:

  • They are really beneficial because the expenditure benefits both separate departments of business.
  • They are seen as useful tools for motivating budget cooperation among different departments of business.

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Difference between Joint Costs and Common Costs:

Both of them are considered to be same by many people. But they are actually different from each other.

  • Joint products arise when different outputs are manufactured from one single raw material. On the other hand, common products do not use one single raw material to create products.
  • While joint costs are influenced by common production process and raw materials, common costs are decided by management.
  • Joint costs face more difficulties and complexities in cost accounting than common costs.
  • Joint costs are all about common products. But common costs can be common to responsibilities, processes, sales territories, functions, time duration, customers etc. as well.


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