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Invest of cash is an important topic in finance which is a short-term obligation. This is considered as a low run when it gets compared with any other investments. Money market fund is an excellent example of cash investment. Now, with proper knowledge, one can easily understand its proper meaning. In case you are not able to understand this in a proper way while doing assignments or homework, then take investment of cash homework help.

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Explain investment of cash

Cash investment is an obligation having short term. Sometimes the time period is just less than 90 days. The return of this is completely low when it gets compared with any other investment. Along with that, there is very low risk for its return value. This is a direct contribution in a financial way to any venture. When you get that investment of cash is important for a business sector or an individual to get return value in monitor section, and then it is completely beneficial.

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Types of cash investments

Cash investments will be perfect for an investor when there is a low risk, and along with that, there is a high yielding. So, when an investor invests, then he must understand the different types of cash investments. The two main types of cash investments are –

  • CDs or Certificate of Deposits –

These certificates are saving certificates which have some fixed rate of interest till they get maturity. They have a higher interest rate. APR or annual percentage rate and APY or annual percentage yield are associated with it.

  • Money market –

When an investor talks about money market rate, then he must know that it is just a short-term investment. These are reliable and thus safe. One more important thing is about its short-term interval, and this may take place just for six months maximum.

Now, when anyone gets that a particular type of investment is completely suitable for his need, and then he should take care of that type.

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