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In economic theory, it is generally agreed that once there is an import of intermediate inputs from foreign suppliers it is a type of international outsourcing as opposed to national outsourcing that happens when there is purchase of these inputs from domestic suppliers. According to some evidences, usually international outsourcing has a positive effect on the performance of an organization and the competitiveness enforcement in the various companies in the area.

In the last few years, Outsourcing has experienced domestic as well as international growth. In the highly competitive ambience of present times, modern businesses act like as a strong stimulus for outsourcing of firms. Economic globalization also helps in searching for chances on the open global market for outsourcing a few of the activities of the firm rather than handling them on own.

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Globalization and cost savings incentive are the main factors of international outsourcing. The process raises various social issues, such as job losses in developed nations, although outsourcing has different positive implications as well.

Improvement of service quality is regarded as a huge advantage of international outsourcing. In the outsourcing contract, Contemporary product standards can be placed more precisely. Outsourcing company managers can look for the best vendors with fantastic performance indicators and having greater flexibility in all their business activities. For instance, while hiring a service provider that concentrates on service, outsourcers can note a major boost in performance, flexibility and response, particularly in a situation when there is high competition between potential vendors.

Between 1990 and 1995, the electronics industry of Ireland saw a positive effect on productivity due to the International outsourcing of services. Between 1980 and 1992, UK saw a positive impact of services outsourcing on the labor productivity of the country.

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