Communication and Coordination Internationally

What most HR people have to face difficulty in is related to communicate with people across national boundaries, ethnicity, and in various geography. In addition to understanding what the other person said, they also need to comprehend the meaning behind the statement. You will remember the cultural variations related to the analysis of Hofstede. If you do, you will understand that the people when asked to send their feedback to another set of individuals belonging from wide power distance cultures hesitate in giving straightforward approval.

International Communication and Coordination 15Organizational feedback was studied in 1976 by Hulbert and Brandt in correspondence to different MNC whose headquarters were incountries like United States, Japan, and Europe. It was found by them that apart from the US, the companies from the other counties did not provide feedback reports from already held meetings. In 1978 a finding from Pascal highlighted the fact that American managers were not so upfront to the employees whereas the Japanese managers preferred to communicate on face to face basis.

International Communication and Coordination 16

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