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Internal records are the registered data saved in the books of the company and they use reports of records, sales, price, cost, bank accounts, etc to find out the any problem and opportunities in an organisation.Under this system the all the marketing information are stored and regained on which the manager of the firm rely.

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 Process carried in Internal Records:

it is order to payment cycle carried among the company,sales representative and customers

  • In the first step the sales interpreter and consumer both send order to the company demanding the products they want
  • sales department prepares the invoice for the payments and rotate its copy to the entire department
  • when the order item is shipped it generates the shipping and billing documents which is again rotated in different departments
  • Consumers rely on the company and want them to perform their task as quickly as possible. Companies need to respond as quickly as possible to the consumer because they prefer only those firms who promise timely delivery of the item within the given deadline. Consumers now use computerised way to contact the company by internet to order their item such as through email, fax and online free calls as they help in saving much time and also improve the efficiency of order to payment cycle.

 Requirement for internal records

  • Internal record system demands organised way of communication
  • consumer demands improved payment methods i.e. order pay method through online transaction and is also called electronic data interface
  • consumer ask and prefer only those firms which promise timely delivery of ordered items
  • regular reports of the current sale should be given in the department with the customer feedback

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