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What is internal marketing all about?

Internal marketing is generally concerned with the employees of the company. In this process the employees are motivated and empowered so that they can work like an effective team for the benefits of customers and thereby ensure long term success for the organization. Thus harmonizing the marketing efforts within the company itself is a very strong parameter related to internal marketing.

Most of the time one may think that only external marketing is important, as it involves dealing with the customers. But internal marketing is also very crucial because without it the growth and sustainability of an organization can’t be ensured.

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Main aspects of internal marketing concept

There are some fundamental aspects of internal marketing and they are discussed as follows-

  • Internal marketing ensures employees are involved at all levels for effective marketing program and thus they understand their role in the marketing process.
  • It also involves training, development, communication, and integration etc of marketing philosophies within the organization.
  • In this concept there is an alignment of organizational objectives with the attitude of employees.
  • In this core values are embedded within the organizational structure so that employees can deliver highest levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Coordination is very important in the internal marketing concept and its importance can’t be overlooked.
  • Giving authorities on various fronts to the employees and empowering them also facilitates internal marketing.
  • Techniques like rewarding the employees, improving their pay structure, motivating them, etc are also the ways to ensure really strong internal marketing.

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