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What is Interest on Drawings?

When a business is initiated, every investor invests a particular sum in the company whose ratio is jotted down. When the company further suffers a loss or gains profit, the investors are treated to the profit or loss in accordance with their investment ratio. When an investor invests more money in the future, the calculation is further changed in accordance with their total investment.

Similarly, when the same investor draws out the money invested by him or her in their times of dire need, the company charges a particular interest from him or her and even goes on to deprive him or her from the profit received by the company at this point of time. This chapter is easy to grasp. However, Interest on Drawings Assignment help will surely be needed.

How is the interest calculated by the investors?

The interest on drawings is calculated by the investors in the following ways:

  • The main thing that affects the rate of interest and the time during which the interest rate will be applied depends on the amount of time till which the money is not repaid.
  • The amount of profit or loss suffered by the company is also taken into account while charging the rate of interest from the investor

What are the situations under which investor can draw out money?

There are certain clauses laid down under the circumstances of which only can the money be drawn out from the company on which the interest will be charged. The circumstances are:

  • Drawings which are against the salary or commission received by the investor.
  • Withdrawals that are against the interest received on capitals to the investors.
  • Withdrawals that are against the profit shared between the investors.

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