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In accountancy, it is not a wonder that you are frequently subjected to confusing pair of terms. Dividend and interest is one such pair. Being a student from commerce background, one must have commendable knowledge about accountancy. There is no need of being ashamed of it. You may opt for online education in this subject. This is the case of most of the students in schools and colleges. myhomeworkhelp.com understands the issue and has hence devised excellent Interest and Dividend on Investment Assignment Help.

Again before getting into the core of the subject there are certain basics, which one needs to know. Of which analysis of a financial statement is vital. In college coursework are based on shares and debenture. Relying on Interest and Dividend on Investment Assignment Help shall help you differentiate between the interest and dividend. In case if you have further doubts you can easily contact us. You can also invoke a video conference without team. Our service is above all through the year.

Demarcating between interest and dividend

When a corporation gives a part of its profit to its stockholders or rather shareholders is termed as dividend. It is not considered as an expense of the firm.  On the other hand interest on bonds is a debt and eventually is an expense of the firm. Interest has an impact on the corporation’s net income. Interest is officially promised to lenders. Interest held by legislations.

If a firm fails to pay interest to accountants it is bound to face legal consequences. Dividends in contrast are out of the jurisdiction of law. If a corporation is free to refuse to pay dividend. Students are required to understand this difference properly to compile their homework accordingly. Interest and Dividend on Investment Homework Help can surely guide you in this venture.

With reference to dividend classification of preference shares

1.    Cumulative preference share:

These shares are the ones which carry the right to receive arrears of dividend before the dividend is paid.

2.    Non-cumulative preference share:
These shares are freed from the right to receive arrears on dividends.

Interest and Dividend on Investment Homework Help service shall provide you with ample assistance to help you understand the concept of equity share and preference share.

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