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Integrated Marketing Should Spread Same Message across All Platforms

The integrated marketing concept is a must in modern day business, and this means that a brand would display all aspects of communication in all channels and there won’t be any change in marketing communication. This means that in web page advertising and TV and print advertisement the company would highlight the same message. The communication will be targeted towards customers and will not create any confusion in consumer minds.

Marketing segments

Marketing segments were always under one segment namely offline segment, and this included print, TV and movie marketing. The concept of online marketing gained importance once the digital era started.

Companies are now using social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, twitter, and other social media platforms like YouTube to get the company message across. There are chances of live interaction and companies have started using brand ambassadors live show to attract people to brand.

Consumer behavior has changed, and they prefer relationship style marketing now, and brands are vying with each other to grab social space.

Assume that a person wanted to create a bill board campaign for jeweler store and advertisement team came with a bright idea about a proposal and gave a message on a billboard to search for #proposal. The Advertisement team should have made a blog that conveys the message of proposal and jeweler, and every time the #proposal is searched, a person is directed towards blog and message gets conveyed.

A student given assignment on integrated marketing can seek integrated marketing assignment help from professionals to grab real-life business examples that have clicked. The campaign narratives should be consistent to brand appeal, and if a brand is positioned as a luxury, a campaign should not give an image of mass-produced less expensive item that is easily purchased.

A car that wants to highlight safety features should concentrate on making videos that highlight safety feature rather than making videos that flaunts something else. Target audience, communication strategy are to be well understood by a student when they try to undertake integrated marketing homework help.

Companies have cleverly used hash tags, have used viral video campaign to get a message across, and smart companies have lapped on to varied segments of people. There are companies like mobile companies that have created a campaign on effective mobile internet business and have promoted concepts like video calling and video sharing. Some companies have promoted small local shopping on Sundays using an online medium.

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