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Institutional Knowledge is essentially the wisdom gained over the years by an organisation by the virtue of its existence.

A lot of organisations consider this wisdom as classified and do not share this information willingly. The employees are also dissuaded from revealing any information, and it is only when the employees leave and join a new company, they are able to share pearls of wisdom with the outside world.

Most of this information is related to financial matters. Apart from getting a new business, the biggest secret a company maintains is around the way it handles its finances. With our manuals as Institutional Knowledge Compounding, Price Quotes & STRIPS assignment help you will get a complete idea of the details!

Institutional Knowledge on Compounding, Price Quotes & STRIPS

This subject, Institutional Knowledge has become a favourite amongst most of the students, and despite the limited knowledge available in this domain, there are few inputs which have managed to sneak out of the Pandora’s Box.

  • A zero bond is a bond which is sold at a discount, and the selling price is not marked on the bond. However, at the time of return, the value is estimated at the printed price. It is thought that most of the bonds issued by US Treasury are zero coupon bonds, however, that is untrue. The US treasury bonds do make a lot of profits and pay interest twice a year. The European government pays the interest once a year to every bond owner as well.The Yield curve showed the yield-maturity of coupon bonds but not of zero bonds
  • Price Quotes: Every organisation has a different strategy around price fixation, and the quoted price should usually not be above a certain parameter. The price obtained should be able to recover the production and profits. In case an organisation wants to lower the price, then the production cost has to be lowered, can directly result in a compromise in quality.
  • The prices fixed should be able to combat competition. Institutional Knowledge Compounding, Price Quotes & STRIPS assignment help is available online as well, and you can either pay or seek help from free resources and study material.
  • STRIPS: At the very onset of Seventies, a lot of people would buy a bond, strip a part and resell it as a zero value bond. This resulted in a lot of fraudulent activities.
  • This activity reached its zenith in Eighties, and in 1985, US treasury came up with its own software and called it STRIPS. It means Separate Trading of Registered Interest &Principle of Securities.
  • This enables US government to issue bonds with a maturity period of ten years, and upon maturity, they can be transferred via Fedwire.

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