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A variety of problems in Economics can be solved with the help of input- output accounting procedures. It includes the usage of matrix algebra while solving a number of transfer pricing problems and a number of cost allocation queries. These methods include certain complicated factors like:

  • Fixed cost allocation
  • Reciprocal intersegment transfers
  • Self service

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The input output relationship:

  • The analysis of input output relationship shows that there are inter relationships and inter dependencies on industrial basis
  • The output of one industry depicts the input of another industry
  • As a result in the economy as a whole, their mutual relationship tends to show the equilibrium between demand and supply

Examples to explain their relationship:

  • Steel is an important input for coal industry while coal is an input for steel industry
  • Both of them are actually the outputs for their own industries
  • Economic activities are mainly involved in producing some inputs or intermediate goods for producing the final outputs

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Want to know about the importance of input and output accounting?

  • There is a free flow of goods between various industries
  • The demand side shows the final goods of the intermediate products and the supply side represents the inter- industry flow of products
  • This analysis of input output depicts that in equilibrium the total money value in the whole economy for the total aggregate output must be equal to the total money value of the inter industry input and inter industry output
  • The income accounts of a nation are related very much to any economy’s final product

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