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Inorganic Chemistry Homework Help, in myhomeworkhelp.com

Chemistry is a very interesting subject which offers a lot of interesting facts about chemicals and chemical elements. Sometimes students find it a bit difficult to do the assignments allotted to them on inorganic chemistry. But there is nothing to worry because myhomeworkhelp.com has some excellent tutors who will help you with Inorganic Chemistry Assignment Help and you will score excellent in your exams!

What is inorganic chemistry?
Inorganic chemistry is a part of chemistry that studies the behavioural patterns and the synthesis of inorganic and organometallic elements. This part of chemistry covers all the inorganic sections except the organic section that includes compounds based on carbons that have C-H bonds. Inorganic chemistry is used in major aspects of the chemical industry:

1. The catalysis.
2. Materials science department.
3. Pigments and surfactants.
4. Medicine and fuel.
5. Agriculture as well as coatings.

There is also descriptive inorganic chemistry that is taught by our Inorganic Chemistry Assignment Help. The descriptive chemistry helps to study those compounds that are mainly based on the properties.

Different descriptive inorganic chemistry

The main descriptive inorganic chemistry is as follows:

Coordination compounds– They are “lone pairs” of electrons that dwell on main atomic groups and has metal features in them. All the organic and inorganic compounds here are used as ligands. The metals used here are from the group 3-13.

Main group compounds– These falls under the group 1, 2 and from group 13-18. Hydrogen is the exclusion here in the periodic table of chemistry. They are mostly similar in reactivity and so are always grouped together.

Transition metal compounds– In the periodic table, this group has metallic compounds from 4-11 though group 3-12 sometimes get added to this group. You will find a wonderful coordinating relation between the elements.

Organometallic compounds– These compounds have the M-C-H groups in them and the metal in this species can have the main group or the transition group element. There are high lipophilic complexes in these compounds- metal carbonyls and alkoxides as well.

Well, apart from these compounds there are other compounds too. They are cluster compounds, bioinorganic compounds and solid state compounds.

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