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There are certain approaches which can make or break a company’s status in the market. Apart from that, there are certain tools by the introduction of which a company can exercise rule over the market or can see an unexpected downfall. The initiation of the price hike is one of them and is a vital topic of interest in the vast scope marketing as a subject taught in schools and colleges.

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How does a customer react to initiation of a price increase?

An introduction of price cut is undoubtedly better accepted by consumers than an impromptu price hike. But the decision of making a sharp elevation in prices is taken owing several conditions prevailing in the market.

Introduction of a price hike is always a greater challenge. The company has to justify its decision duly to the customers so that they stick to the same brand and do not shift to others providing lower prices on equivalent products. This is mostly done by improving product quality and effective marketing skills.

In case of price surges, there is a looming risk of displeasing existing consumers. Hence a decision like this must be guided by proper planning. The customers must not get a feeling of being looted of their money to increase the company profits.

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Causes leading to initiation of price increase

  • Cost inflation in an economy is the greatest reason for the introduction of an unexpected price hike. But this decision often works in favor of the initiating company. This leads to the increase in the profit margins.
  • Another crucial reason for taking the decision of price increase an unbalanced supply and demand cycle. Whenever there is a hike in the demand of the consumers at a time when the production is running low, companies may have to choose price hike as a mode to tackle such a situation.

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