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When several materials are combined thoroughly to get a product of homogenous consistency, it is termed as mixing. Usually two or more materials that are dissimilar in nature are combined to get a mixture. Mixing is very similar to blending but in practice there is slight difference between them. The process of blending is gentler when compared to mixing. Blending generally refers to combination of two solids or solids with a liquid whereas mixing is something that is associated more with the combination of two liquids or a gas with a liquid. More information on mixing can be obtained by checking out industrial mixing assignment answers.

Areas where industrial mixing is used

Industrial mixing is an essential process in many industries like –

  • The food industry makes use of the process for production different flavours, spices etc. mixing is a vital process for making cakes as well.
  • The pharmaceutical industry also uses the mixing technology to mix the active drug ingredients with things like cellulose, starch or lactose to get the desired results.
  • It is also used in chemical industries where mixing different explosives, detergent powders, ceramics or glass, fertilizers or other chemicals forms the base of production. More on such uses of industrial mixing can be learnt by visiting industrial mixing homework answers.

The different equipments used for industrial mixing

The industrial mixers can be broadly classified into three main types –

  • Blenders

This equipment is mainly used to mix two solids. There are different types of blenders depending on principle of mixing being used –

  • Blenders using the tumbling technique
  • Blenders using the convection technique
  • Blenders using the fluidization technique. More knowledge on different types of blenders can be got by clicking on industrial mixing assignment answers.
  • Agitators

The agitators are mainly used to mix two liquids or liquids with gases. There are two types of agitators used in the industry –

  • The agitators with axial flow are the ones that have the mixing blades making a ninety degree angle with the base of the equipment.
  • The agitators with radial flow which have the mixing blades joined parallel to the base.
  • The mixers for heavy duty

These are generally used for mixing highly viscous materials. These are also classified into three main types –

  • Mixers with double arms
  • The planetary mixers
  • Mixers with dual or triple shafts. Details about the different mixing equipments can be got from links like industrial mixing homework answers.

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