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The history of the subject can be traced back to the time of Industrial revolution. The initial industrial chemicals were sodium carbonate and sulphuric acid. At that time, special oil named vitriol was used to manipulate different metals. Soda ash was the anhydrous form in which sodium carbonate used to be obtained then. Over the years the subject has evolved immensely. More about the history of industrial chemistry can be learnt by visiting links like industrial chemistry homework answers

Industrial chemistry

The connection between the different researchers and chemical engineering on an industrial level is termed as industrial chemistry. There are several industries like manufacturing, processing petrochemicals, manufacturing of polymers, pharmaceutical firms etc. use the concepts of industrial chemistry. Proper understanding in the field of chemistry is used to utilize the several applications of industrial chemistry. Getting detailed knowledge about the topic is possible by visiting industrial chemistry assignment answers.

Areas for application of industrial chemistry

The general areas where industrial chemistry finds its application are as follows –

  • While production of essential chemicals there needs to be a minimum amount of safety involved. Industrial chemists are always constantly trying to use the knowledge of industrial chemistry to improve the safety measures. Information on such measures can be got from industrial chemistry assignment answers.
  • The knowledge is also being used to develop new and innovative chemical products that are being used towards growth of the chemical industry.
  • While designing a plant that will be used for production of various products, the chemists work in a team with engineers to use the various aspects of industrial chemistry to come up with a plant that will be able to meet the desired results.
  • Industrial chemists use the knowledge of industrial chemistry for development in a way so as to affect the environment at the minimum level possible.
  • The concept is used to study how to achieve production levels with optimum use of materials. More knowledge on application of industrial chemistry is possible by checking out industrial chemistry homework answers.

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