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Inductors are two terminal, passive electrical elements that resist any form of change in the current flowing through circuit. These elements have conductors like coil to store energy in magnetic field till current flows.

Inductance is the ratio of the rate of current change to the potential difference (voltage). This inductance characterizes an inductor.

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Applications of inductors:

  • These passive components are usedin switched-mode power supplies as energy storage equipment.It produces DC current.
  • Used in signal processing and analog electrical circuits.
  • Large inductors remove mains hum and other fluctuations occurring in the direct current output to torus or ferrite bread.
  • Sometimes, inductors are applied in electrical transmission systems to limit the fault currents and switching currents.

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Various types of inductors:

  • Air core inductor
    • Radio frequency inductor
    • Dielectric losses
    • Proximity effect
    • Parasitic capacitance
    • Skin effect
  • Ferromagnetic core inductor
    • Toroidal core inductor
    • Laminated core inductor
    • Choke
    • Ferrite-core inductor
  • Variable inductor

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