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One of the highly important topics in Microeconomics is the study of indifference curves. It is a crucial concept, and it depicts those combinations of quantities for two goods that the consumers consider as equal in value. The indifference curves are plotted on graph where different quantities of two commodities are analyzed. If you are stuck with the homework questions on this topic, then you must opt for indifference curves homework help.

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What is the topic of indifference curves all about?

Indifference curves are the graphical depiction of the different quantities combination of two goods for which the consumer is indifferent. In simple words, we can say that for the same curve the consumer does not have preference for one particular combination over the other combination. Thus each point on the same indifference curve will offer the same level of satisfaction to the consumer, that’s why he is indifferent towards them.

Indifference curves are used for analyzing the consumer preferences, and these are a very helpful tool in understanding that there are certain budgetary limitations that every consumer has to go through. Some of the common assumptions related to indifference curves are that they are convex to origin, two indifference curves will never intersect each other, and consumers always have a higher level of utility on higher indifference curves and various other assumptions.

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The various concepts covered under the topic indifference curves

There are a lot of concepts in this topic for which you may need indifference curves assignment help.These are discussed as follows-

  • History of indifference curves.
  • Mapping technique and properties of indifference curves.
  • Various assumptions behind the consumer preference theory.
  • The real world applications of indifference curves.
  • Examples of indifference curves.
  • Understanding preference relations and assessment of utility.
  • Concepts like linear utility, CES utility, Cobb Douglas utility,
  • The analysis of indifference map on a broad scale.
  • The main principles and characteristics associated with indifference curves.
  • Criticisms and complications are involved in understanding indifference curves.

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