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Students majoring in economics find themselves facing a sea of new topics, increasing-cost industry being one among them. The volume of studies does sometimes put off initial enthusiasm of students. With dedication and proper help from our side, these hurdles can be overcome.

Meaning of increasing-cost industry

Increasing cost industry refers to those industries where costs of production increase over time. This happens due to new players entering it, whereby supplies will become scarce. Shortage in supplies will lead to increase in prices of inputs. Copper, gold, silver, oil, etc. are examples of increasing costs industries.

Students search for increasing-cost industry homework help as they are unsure of the very meaning of these terms.

Major characteristics

There are several factors which distinguish an increasing cost industry.

  • New entrants cause increase in prices of resources.
  • Average total costs of these industries move up as it expands. As industry expands, there will be new entrants which cause increase in costs.
  • Average costs go down if industries contract because decrease in demand forces many units to move out.
  • Increasing cost industries require goods which have inelastic This means that supply does not change according to changes in demand.

Knowing these factors will be definitely useful in getting best increasing-cost industry assignment help.

Long run industry supply curve

Long run supply curve is the curve that indicates relation between price of goods and the quantity of supply available. The pattern of production costs has a definite impact on this. In increasing cost industries, this curve shows an upward incline from left to right.

This is due to the fact that entry of new firms increases costs of factors of production. Plotting of long run supply curve in graphical manner is an area where students search for increasing-cost industry homework help.

What troubles students?

  • Theoretical part:

Increasing cost industry analysis is not an isolated topic. It is a part of production theories. Thorough knowledge of demand and supply theories like price elasticity and supply curve are prerequisites for its learning. All topics have to be studied in a co-ordinated way. Little knowledge on one area can lead to a total failure.

  • Graphs and charts:

Representing long term supply curve in increasing cost industries is a question frequently asked for increasing-cost industry homework help. Plotting graphs and charts needs proper understanding. Without basics, students are likely to fumble.

  • No proper guidance:

Need of proper guidance is immense in economics. As most topics are new for students, they need someone to guide them. Myhomeworkhelp.com has always helped students to walk the path smoothly.

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