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Incentive in the Principal–Agent Framework is one of the topics that you will get to study in the subject of economics. There is a high chance that you may face difficulty in comprehending this topic because it covers a lot of complex details. So you should grab incentives in the principal–agent framework homework help as early as possible.

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Highlights on Incentives in the Principal–Agent Framework

An agent can be an individual or entity appointed by the other party known as principal, and is required to carry out the activities as per the directions and interests of the principal. You can also say that agent is the one who works on behalf of the principal and has the authorization to enter into agreements, look after the important matters and take strategic decisions.

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Why there is a need for incentives in such framework?

Sometimes the agent has much more knowledge and exclusive information as compared to the principal and can use such information for his own benefits. If the principal will offer appropriate incentives to the agent, then he will perform in the desired manner.

In simple words, you can say that what the principal wants and what the agent wants to do may be contradictory to each other. You can say that both the parties may have conflicting interests. In order to ensure that the agent works exactly as per the desired objectives, the principal has to offer certain incentives to the agent. By giving the incentives, the principal gets assurance that the agent will work according to his directions.

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What can be the various types of incentives?

Incentives to the agent can be monetary and non monetary benefits. Monetary benefits can be like good compensation, bonus, additional allowances, stocks of the company,etc. Non monetary benefits can be like recognition, appraisal, accommodation benefits, exceptional facilities, etc. Incentives are given because of the fact that there is information asymmetry.

Incentives are a way of keeping the agent motivated to perform all the tasks to the best of his efficiency level and see to it that all activities are aligned as per the exact demands of the principal. If there will be no incentives,then an agent would have no motive to work for the principal. By availing incentives in the principal–agent framework homework helpyou will get mastery on this topic.

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