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What is financial management?
It can be simply explained as a method to meet a company’s goals and objectives with proper management of finances. A proper planning of finance will be able to answer some basic questions that arise when you own a company or a firm or even as an individual like:

  • Today, where are you? – As per your balance sheet
  • Tomorrow, where you would like to be? – Finances that you may need to meet goals and
  • What you need to do to have it? – Requirements and the precautions you need to have to reach your goal with success.

This will involve understanding and gathering of relevant financial information and probing on to current financial status and managing then so that you can meet your goals and future plans. As a student of financial management one needs to understand this as it will help them to be better employee later. So, completing the assigned projects is also important.

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What is the importance of financial management?
Now let’s give a glance on its importance:

  • Good management increases the cash flow of a company.
  • It will keep a track of all expenses so that there is no excess expenditure or even prevent losses.
  • It helps in the selection of right policy for investment to meet the goals
  • To be familiar with current financial status of a firm.
  • To be able to meet all the obligations also.

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