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Tariff is referred to as the duties or taxes that are charged on the goods when they are imported. This raises the price of the good above the domestic level; whereas the total quantity of good coming to a country within a given limit is called quotas.

Import quotas and tariffs assignment help explain tariff as a percentage increment of the imported good through custom duties or taxes. It is the oldest method of for ensuring protection as well barrier to trade.

Common Impact of Tariff

The most common result of tariff leads to high prices that are faced by the domestic consumer, resulting in loss f the consumer surplus. However domestic producer gain from the surplus as they are secured from cheap imports which enable them to get a higher price than they deserved.

Apart from facing higher prices by the domestic consumer they also have a loss in the surplus. So the domestic producer tends to increase their surplus production in order to receive high price.

Common Impact of Quota

Import quotas and tariffs homework help says that both terms are similar. The Same diagram can be used to represent both. As they are said to share most of the similarities but the difference is in the field of revenue. Quotas don’t generate any revenue while tariff does. The importers are benefitted from the quotas that get the permit of the import. However, incase of an auction of the license of the importer, there will be a chance of the government in earning revenue in the auction.

Advantages and disadvantages import quotas and tariffs

If you opt for import quotas and tariffs homework help, then you will be understood that it cases of quota the outcome is more precise as compared to the tariff. As the volume of goods that are imported are kept within a limit, so the import is not changed when the quota is applied. This is not applicable in the case of the tariff. Quotas are more flexible than tariff as they can be imposed easily comparing to tariff.

But quotas lead to corruption as they don’t generate any revenue for the government, so tariff is preferable here. Those who have the import license it creates a monopoly profit means the surplus is transformed into monopoly profits resulting in loss of welfare of the consumer. It also distorts or misleads international business.

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