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Usually, in a company when accountants work, they know the costs of product manufacturing or purchasing and based on that a selling price is determined so that there is availability as well as enough profit for the concerned company.

But not all business or accounts work that way. In terribly competitive markets, sometimes selling price is more or less fixed within a range and based on that the manufacturing techniques or purchasing must be determined by accountants such that a profit margin can be established. This is called target costing.

A bit more on this topic

Achieving profitable situations and maximizing it under these constraints of selling prices and others is the main aim of any targeted accounting, hence this name.It is formally defined as an approach to determine life-cycle and future costs of a product, which will be adequate to manufacture that products necessary functionalities and qualities, at the same time ensuring that it gives a desired amount of profit.

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This whole thing is a major part of management accounting process.Its implementation mainly comprises jobs of collecting, classifying, summarizing, analyzing and reporting this unique sort of managerial accounting information and prices used to affect downstream cost managements of products in future.

These information that we are talking about provided for implementation consists mainly of

  • Concerned range of or fixed selling price
  • Desired profit margins,
  • Aimed costs for concerned product in upcoming future
  • Determined costs for the several components features and functions of that product.

Of course there is more information than these and these too have different sub groupings. So in total there are lots to collect and remember. But, as long as there is implementing target pricing and target costing homework help there is no need to worry.

This managerial process is decided by top management authorities.

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