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Organizations must promote their brand among end users. This not only plays a role in taking on the competitors, but also in long run survival. Promotion of brand increases product awareness, which in turn results in an increase in sales, resulting in more revenue and higher profits for the organization. Integrated marketing communication, or IMC, is important for brand promotion. If you wish to learn more about how IMC is implemented, you can opt for our implementing IMC assignment help.

Brand communication

You need to know what brand communication is before you start with integrated marketing communication. Brand communication is basically an initiative that organizations take for popularizing their products or services among the consumers. It is crucial for product promotion among end users. It is a process that involves identification of individuals best suited for the concerned product or service. Then, the brand is promoted among those individuals through:

  • Advertising
  • Public Relation
  • Sales promotion
  • Direct marketing
  • Social media
  • Personal selling

What is IMC?

Before taking our implementing IMC homework help, you would want to know what it actually means. As the name would suggest, integrated marketing communication refers to integration of all the methods of brand promotion, in order to promote a certain service or product among the end users. In IMC, all the marketing communication aspects work together for improved sales and better cost effectiveness.

Implementing IMC

Implementing IMC plan in a successful manner is highly dependent on proper perceiving of the target consumers, along with their expectations and needs. A product should ideally exceed the expectation of the customers for them to stay loyal to the concerned brand. It is also important to have knowledge on how the brand would be beneficial to the target customers.

Through implementing IMC homework help, our tutors will describe you how integrating various marketing components in a sensible and effective manner is important for gaining the required results. The blending has to be done with care.

Products should also be promoted at multiple places simultaneously. Rather than using marketing tactics in isolation, they should worth together to communicate the required message to the target users. IMC plans must reflect the strategies that organizations employ for promoting their brands.

For implementing integrated marketing communication plan, fixed resources and time need to assign. Marketers have to work hard for implementing the plans within the required time and within the allocated budget. Focusing on the best consumers is always recommended. Customers generating maximum revenue for the organization are the best ones.

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