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Identifying major channel alternatives is an important component in designing a market channel system. A manufacturer or producer sells its goods or products to the seller. Small producers, such as farmers, can opt to sell their products directly to the end users without involving an intermediary. However, those manufacturers who make goods in huge quantity cannot opt this method. They need an intermediary or a middleman to sell their goods. They need to sell their goods through a distribution channel in the market. Identifying major channel alternatives homework help is an endeavour from to enhance your skill in identifying major channel alternatives.

How to identify major channel alternatives

There is a wide assortment of channels in the market to reach to the customers. Each channel has its own features- positive as well as negative. Recognizing the right channel is an important factor in designing market channel.

Each channel has the following characteristics:

(i) The types of available intermediaries

(ii) Total number of intermediaries required

(iii) The terms and responsibilities of each channel member

We are committed to defining you all the characteristics in details. By referring to the answers written by our Identifying major channel alternatives assignment help experts you can learn about each characteristic more clearly.

The types of intermediaries

Intermediaries are the main element in any channel. Intermediaries are of various types- wholesalers, retailers, brokers, sales agents, and manufacturers’ representatives. However, there is a difference between their operating system. Retailers and wholesalers buy a product, give it a brand name, and resell it. In contrast, sales agents, brokers, or manufacturers’ representatives follow buyers and try to convince them on behalf of the producer without giving a new brand name to the product.

Total numbers of intermediaries

The knowledge of a total number of intermediaries is important to know how many intermediaries you want in your channel. There are three different strategies to select the numbers of intermediaries.

  • Exclusive distribution- It means strictly cutting down the number of intermediaries.
  • Selective distribution- It depends on greater than few but less compared to the entire intermediaries ready to carry a specific product.
  • Intensive distribution- In this case, the producer or the manufacturer distributes the items in large numbers of outlets as possible. Those who produce snack foods, glue, or newspaper usually adopt this strategy.

Terms and Responsibilities of Channel Members

This characteristic indicates that every member in a channel should be treated courteously and must get the chance to be lucrative.  The primary constituents in the “trade-relations mix” are territorial rights, price policy, sales conditions, and specific services to be conducted by each party. Pricing policy helps producers and the manufacturers to fix the prices, discounts, and allowances which intermediaries consider as satisfactory and equitable. provides high quality Identifying major channel alternatives assignment help

A distribution channel also includes facilitators, such as transportation firms, banks, independent warehouse, and ad agencies. All of them help in distribution process with taking title to good or negotiating purchases or sales.

We provide Identifying major channel alternatives assignment help to the students so that they can easily recognize pioneering marketing channels. With our service, you can surely improve your grades and build your career in a reputed company.

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