Human Resource Planning Homework Answers

Human Resource Planning Assignment Answers

Learn All About Human Resource Planning and Choose Your Best Career 

Human resource is a department in almost all organizations that is responsible for hiring new employees and training them as per requirement of the job profile the candidate has been selected for. The several benefits that an employee gets for rendering his services to the firm are also looked after by the human resource department. Keeping the relationship smooth between several departments and the departments with the management comes under the duties of this department. The procedure of studying the various needs of a firm and working towards attaining them is called human resource planning. Learning more about the topic is possible by clicking on links like human resource planning assignment answers.

The different steps involved in human resource planning

The planning involves a stepwise approach as follows –

  • The aims of the firm according to their future targets are studied in terms of advertising, growth, production etc.
  • The database containing information of the present human resource available in the company are checked and analyzed and accordingly any requirement for recruitment is noted. More information on such database can be got from links like human resource planning homework answers.
  • Estimation of recruitment needed with desired profiles is made. Sources both external and internal are checked to get required people as per profiles.
  • The comparison between supply and demand of manpower is made and the situation is accounted checking whether there is a deficit or surplus.
  • A plan is formulated to meet the requirements according to the analysis made.
  • The final step is implementing the plan made. More knowledge on the different steps of human resource planning can be learnt by visiting human resource planning assignment answers.

Why is human resource planning significant for a firm?

Human resource planning is essential for an organization for the following reasons –

  • It ensures the availability of manpower for meeting the needs of the firm continuously.
  • All external sources keep changing while a firm keeps operating. Human resource planning helps firm to cope with the change.
  • The firm gets fresh talent on a continuous basis.
  • The requirement of specific training needs is identified and accordingly training is provided to the present staff. More about significance of this system is available on links like human resource planning homework answers.

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