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Overview of the Human Anatomy

When we speak of ‘Anatomy,’we speak of the science that describes the structure of the body. Going by history, the word ‘Anatomy’ comes from the Greek term ‘anatome’ which when further divided stands as ana meaning ‘up’ and tome meaning ‘a cutting.’As a matter of fact, if you are looking for the Human Anatomy – An Overview homework help, you will find it on our website and we assure you that quality work is what you will get!

Human Anatomy: Know the Branches

The Human Anatomy is divided and studied under two particular branches:

  • Systemic: It is the study of the various systems that exist within our body,for example, the skeletal system; muscular system; digestive system and others. It studies the group of structures that function together and perform a particular task which in turn promotes human body to function. For example, the systemic study of the muscular system would look into the functioning of the skeletal muscles in the entire body.
  • Regionally: It is studies the main subdivisions of the human body. They can be the head; neck; upper limb and others. It studies the interrelationship of the structures that lie within a particular area. This study helps us to understand, for example, how the muscles and nerves and blood vessels function together to serve a particular region within the body.

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Use ofthe Microscope

A subject like the study of Human Anatomy would require the use of microscopes. This is because, while studying, we realize that a lot of the structures that are taken into consideration are actually very small and is not clear to the naked eye. When you visit our website, you will get the finest finished drafts of your Human Anatomy – An Overview assignment help while you can take rest and prepare you next activity.

As per our research and experts, there are two fields of specialization in the study of the subject of Anatomy.

  • Macroscopic Anatomyalso known as Gross Anatomy

It is where the large structures of the body are studied. This can be through the naked eye – that is, without the use of any microscopes.This also includes the Superficial Anatomyalso known as the Visual Anatomy which covers the study of the external body without the dissection.

  • Microscopic Anatomy also known as Histology

It is where the structures that are chosen to study are so small that they are not visible to the naked eye. Thus there is the inevitable use of the microscopic and hence the name is so. It includes the study of the cells and the tissues within the human body. It is important to mention that with technology advancement, anatomists have been able to study structures that are three – dimensional like molecules.

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Leads to Other Subjects

A simple example would say that Human Anatomy is related to other subjects like ‘Embryology’. It is the study of the embryo or the gametes which are the sex cells. Along with this, it also studies the fertilization of the eggs and the development of the fetuses/ embryo. Thus, in one word, it studies the pre – natal development.


It would not be surprising to see that students find it difficult to study this subject. There are lots of areas that one needs to cover to look into Anatomy as a whole. Even when one receives the Human Anatomy – An Overview assignment help there are various topics that one needs to look into. When you feel that you have less time and energy, feel free to turn towards where you will be provided with theHuman Anatomy – An Overview homework help.

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