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Financial accounting is a crucial branch of accounting that records all the financial transactions of business. These transactions are recorded and summarized in financial statements such as income statement, cash flow statement and the balance sheet. If all the financial transactions are not recorded properly, it will be very difficult to ascertain the actual profit or loss of a company.

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Understanding financial accounting

As you have learned earlier, financial accounting is necessary to record all the financial transactions of a company. These are recorded using the standardized guidelines as mentioned in the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, commonly known as GAAP. The US also has Financial Accounting Standards Board that maintains the accounting guidelines and principles.

Every company is required to prepare yearly statements for the external organization that includes shareholders and lenders. The financial statements paint a clear picture about the status of the company and allow these external parties to determine its value. When you use how to cope with the most complex points in financial accounts homework help, you can learn better.

The importance of Double entry system in financial accounting

Financial accounting works on the basis of Double entry system. This indicates that any transaction that takes place affects two accounts. In short, for every debit, there has to be an equal credit. Based on this system, transactions are recorded in journal entries and thus make their way into income statements. The double entry system is required throughout the financial process as the transaction makes its way into the balance sheet. The balance sheet of a company is correct only when the total liabilities equal the total assets.

Why do students face difficulty in understanding financial accounting?

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