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Understand the Concept of Holistic Marketing Better With Homework Help

If you require holistic marketing concept homework help, we are here to offer you just that! Holistic marketing is a concept that showcases a procedure considering business as a whole and not as something with different parts. This approach proposes that marketing needs to be looked from an integrated and broad perspective and not like an isolated management function. This concept considers the varying requirements of customers and even caters to them. Of course, this demands detailed identification of customer demands.

The wider perspective of holistic marketing

The holistic approach to market takes all different stakeholders of business into consideration, including employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers and the community as well. The marketing decisions that are taken are done so taking the impact on stakeholders into consideration.

Marketers have to make sure that the decisions they take don’t contradict the decisions taken by any other department in the organization. When resources of the organization move towards a common goal, the firm can thrive in a competitive marketplace. If all this sounds confusing to you, you need our holistic marketing concepts assignment help. Our experts will help you understand the concept better.

Components of holistic marketing

There are four components of holistic marketing:

  • Internal marketing:

This concept is based on the idea that employees serve as the internal customers of a firm. Thus, for achieving the aim of customer satisfaction, satisfaction of employees is of primary importance. Internal marketing ensures a self-motivated and skilled workforce. It also assures that all the members of the organization understand the philosophy and market orientation of the company.

  • Integrated marketing:

This is another concept you will come across while availing holistic marketing concept homework help from us. It is based on the proposition that marketers should make an integrated marketing program rather than working on individual marketing activities. The integrated program should have a purpose of creating, communicating and delivering value for customers.

  • Relationship marketing:

These concerns with building of long lasting relationships different parties connected to a business, such as customers, suppliers, employees, regulatory bodies, financial institutions, etc. Relationship marketing is all about building relationships with everyone who can affect the success of a firm and can add value to it.

  • Social marketing:

It is suggested by the concept of social marketing that the responsibility of a marketer extends to the overall society; it is not just limited to the customers. Social marketing states that ethics, laws, society and environment should be considered while designing marketing activities.

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