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HIV is a virus that spreads through body fluids and tends to attack the immune system of individuals. They mostly attack T cells or CD4 cells. Once a person gets affected by HIV virus then in the long run his or her immune system may be completely damaged to an extent that the body will not be able to fight any diseases or infections.

If HIV is untreated then it will reduce CD4 cells in the body which will make it more difficult for you to fight infections. Some diseases like cancer and opportunistic infections try to take advantage of such situations and give signals that the person has AIDS. This is a very important topic and it is immensely important for you to get a better understanding of this topic.

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Why is HIV considered to be so dangerous?

HIV is a virus that is very similar to the viruses causing cold or flu. But cold and flu viruses tend to stay in the body for a very short period of time whereas HIV flu tends to remain permanently in the body. A person who is detected with HIV positive will remain HIV positive for years to come.

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Causes of HIV

The virus that causes HIV is human immune deficiency virus. This can spread if an individual comes in contact with semen, vaginal fluids or blood. Most people tend to get this virus because of getting involved into an unprotected sexual relationship with a person who is HIV positive.

If a person shares his or her needle with an HIV infected person then also there is a possibility of the individual getting infected by HIV. Again, a baby can get infected by this virus if his or her mother is infected by HIV. If an HIV positive mother gives birth or breastfeeds her child then the child might get this virus infected into the body. This virus is not able to spread outside the body and so there are no chances of this virus being spread through physical contact.

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