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What is High-pass filter?

When students of electrical engineering learn the subject of signal processing, they come to know about different types of filters. Among them, high-pass filter is presented. This is a kind of electrical filter which helps to pass signals with higher frequency. This frequency is higher than attenuates signals and cutoff frequency.

Mainly the amount of attenuates based on the design of filter. A high-pass filter is generally shaped as linear time-invariant system. It is also called bass-cut filter or low-cut filter. High-pass filter Homework Help support is a very good option to clear your doubts of high-pass filters.

Application of High-pass filters:

High-pass filters are used in many purposes.

  • Audio:

This is also applied as a part of audio crossover to lead high frequencies to tweeter at the time of attenuating bass signal that can damage the speaker.

  • Image:

High-pass filters are applied in the procedure of digital image for performing image modifications, noise reduction, enchantments, etc. with the help of frequency domain or spatial domain.

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