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In factories, the heat energy is transferred from one hot medium to the other cold medium using the heat transfer equipment. The heat exchanger is separated by a hard wall so that the two different mediums don’t mix up with one another.

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Listed below are some types of heat transfer equipment:

  • Vacuum condenser
  • Slurry heaters
  • Air fin exchanger
  • Double pipe heat exchangers
  • Rod baffles
  • Shell exchangers
  • Tube exchangers
  • Threaded closure heaters

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The function and effectiveness of heat transfer depends on certain factors.

  1. First is the difference in temperature. If the temperature variance between the mediums involved in the process is high, then the heat flux is increased for an efficienttransfer of the energy.
  2. The surface area has an important part in this energy transfer process. The higher the surface area, the more efficient the heat transfer is.
  3. The heat is transferred better depending on the flow type of the media. This flow can be in opposite directions, parallel or simply perpendicular to one another.
  4. The nature of the fluid like density, viscosity or conductivity is influential in the effectiveness of energy transfer.
  5. Heat energy will be transferred more efficiently and easily with high turbulence.

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