Heat Exchanger Network Integration Homework Answers

Heat Exchanger Network Integration Assignment Answers

Get Detailed Information on Heat Exchanger Network Integration  

There are basically two meanings to the word heat integration. One is the planning of the different aspects of the model that could include its equipments, the plants for production, the sites or the areas that surround the sites of production etc. The second meaning is to the different processes and tools that are used to improve the efficiency of the processes in terms of energy and production. More about definition of heat integration can be learnt by visiting heat exchanger network integration homework answers.

The different stages involved in designing heat exchanger

There are generally two separate designing styles used for the fresh designs and design modifications of heat exchangers. Details on these differences can be obtained by checking out heat exchanger network integration assignment answers. But the basic steps involved in the process are same.

Extraction of data

The data on the requirements of cooling and heating are obtained and processed in the first step which is also known as the stream information. Data of external cooling or heating systems is also collected which is also called the utility information. The third type of data is the economic information which deals with cost of cost involved in getting several utilities.

Setting targets to measure performance

After studying all the information collected in the previous step, the data is summarized and accordingly, targets are set so that optimum results are obtained with the minimum wastage of materials and other utilities. More about how such targets are set can be obtained by clicking on heat exchanger network integration homework answers.

Modifications made on set procedures

There are times when the general procedures being used in heat exchangers need to be modified or have options for modification. These changes are made in order to improve the heat recovery standard.

Designing a network of exchangers

There is a series of exchangers set which achieve the targeted performance in terms of consumption of energy also termed as the maximum recovery of energy.

Evolving the design

This is the step which involves bringing about changes in the basic network that is done by removing a number of exchangers performing less and setting a new network for them.

Simulation of the process

The final step is to test the efficiency of the network of exchangers that have been set for the work. More about the steps involved can be learnt by visiting heat exchanger network integration assignment answers.

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