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What is Header and Detail accounts?

Header and Detail accounts means preparation of accounts in which header is the main part and all group details under this header part will be described in the detail part. The main motto is the same, but you can easily notice the header section as a title like bold and you can notice that details section gets stuff with the related explanation in simple manner.

The different business needs to prepare report in different matters, but purpose of each report is maintaining the accounts properly.

How it is beneficial?

  • When different reports need to arrange in a group to find out an important details any time, then it is essential to arrange through Header and Detail accounts.
  • You can also use this whole report directly to the final report without modifying this.

But there are some specific rules to know. You must follow them and if you are in confusion, then Header and Detail accounts Homework Help is the best option for your need.

What are the basic elements of Level 1?

There are eight basic needs of the header on the basis of which the reports are prepared and this comes under level
These are as follows-

  • Asset.
  • Liability.
  • Income.
  • Expense.
  • Equity.
  • Cost of Sales.
  • Other Income.
  • Other Expense.

If anyone desires to prepare header accounts, the level 1 cannot be modified. But, the others can be named level 2 or any other level 3, 4, etc. A number of students also get confusion in this and if they want, they cannot easily prepare this. So, you can make your assignments perfect with Header and Detail accounts Assignment Help.

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