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What is Group Dynamics?

The study of Group Dynamics focuses that how people create groups and how these groups interact and make positive decision to develop its company. A groups can be a formal group or informal group, but the main function of this is how it works to develop the company. The most important factors that group manages and need to know about a group are-

  • Group communication.
  • Group Alliances.
  • Group Motivation.

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What are the influences that needs for innovation process?

  • Innovation Content.
  • Team responsibility.
  • Leadership.
  • Development of creative process.

What are the main factors of the first stage of forming group?

These factors are-

  • Forming.
  • Storming.
  • Norming.
  • Performing.
  • Adjourning.

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What are the main skills or basic skills require for forming a group?

The skills that require for the

  • Communication skills.
  • Preparation skills.
  • Group dynamics.
  • Facilitation and Meeting skills.
  • Post meeting follow-up skills.

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