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What is Gordon’s growth model?
Myron Gordon presented the world with a logical mathematical formula for calculating the present value of a stock based on the dividends it is expected to raise in the future. No wonder, it is not a very easy theory or model! This model is also known as the dividend discount model and as the name suggests the stocks are valued in terms of the present value of the dividends to be reaped in future. The variables in this derived equation that help to calculate the price of the stocks for a company are constant growth rate (given by g), dividends of the next year (given by D) and company’s equity capital cost (given by r).

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Common problems students face with Gordon’s growth model

  • How to calculate the growth when no dividend is being paid by the current stocks?
  • What are the special properties of the Gordon’s growth model and when to apply them?
  • How can the derivation of this equation be made simple?
  • Why cost of equity is always more than growth?

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