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What is goodness of fit?

Goodness of fit is a term used in order to compare the actual frequency with the anticipated frequency observed in a statistical model. This model helps in deciding making in any business or corporate. This model helps in summarizing the difference in analysis between the values or figures observed along with the values and figures which are assumed in that particular model.

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Example of goodness of fit

Let’s understand this model with the help of an example: Suppose you are a manager of the gym and you are curious to know the attendance in your gym. How many people are coming and working out at what times, is what you want to know! In this case, you will Chi-square statistic for goodness of fit. So in this case, you cannot really count the attendance alone. So you will have trainers and other staff to take care of the same.

They will analyze the number of people coming in the gym at what times. They will also make sure about other factors which are generally affecting the attendance in the gym, which is hygiene level, cleanliness level and so on. The examples of goodness of fit also require some calculation, so make sure you are aware of all the formulas and models included in the same. If not, no problem! With goodness of fit homework help, we will help you with calculations as well.

SO let’s say, you ask these staff members to analyze this situation for 8weeks, and after 8 weeks, they come back to you with their assumptions of attendance in the gym. Now the owner of the gym is certainly not happy with the financials of the gym and thus, he asks for proper attendance report. You will be handing over your anticipated frequency of the attendance in the gym.

Since it is assumed data, the owner will follow the attendance sheet for 8 weeks in order to know the exact number of the people visiting on every basis. And if he is not happy with the attendance, then what other measures can be taken to increase the number of members and attendance in the gym.

Here, the anticipated assumed data on attendance and comparison of the same with the actual attendance is a statistical model called goodness of fit. What measures shall be taken to the gym to increase the attendance is the decision which is resulted from the hypothesis of goodness of fit. Just one example might not be enough, so register for goodness of fit assignment help so that we can assist you with better examples on the topic.

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