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Gold is one of the best ways to invest your hard earned money. Among all the precious metals available, gold is the most popular one. By using different types of derivatives and future contracts investors generally tend to buy gold so as to diversify their risk. Like all other markets, the gold market is also subjected to different types of speculation and volatility.

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What is jewelry and demand in industry?

  • Of the annual gold demand, jewelry accounts for two thirds.
  • Among the largest consumer of gold in volume, India stands first followed by China and then USA
  • For medical purposes, dental and for industrial uses gold demand amounts to 12%.
  • Gold has a high resistance potentiality to bacterial colonization and corrosion along with high electrical and thermal conductivity properties.
  • The market of gold jewelry and for industrial demand has been fluctuated over the last few years.
  • This is because of the life style change of the middle class people in order to aspire forwestern

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Do you want to know about the recycling of gold jewelry?

  • In today’s modern world recycling of second- hand –gold has turn out to be a multibillion dollar trade.
  • You can take cash in exchange of your mismatched, old and broken jewelry from online or local gold buyers.
  • Before selling your gold, you must be well aware of the cost and weight of your jewelry. As there are many companies who take undue advantages from the customers.

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