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Explaining first what is foreign exchange market?
Foreign exchange market facilitates international trade. It enables a buyer to purchase any product/service by paying the currency of the seller and vice versa. It depends on the kind and nature of the trade that one is looking at and basis that, a number of forex instruments are available in the market. One also has the liberty to engage in forward future contracts, thereby hedging its risks against uncertain or turbulent international politico-economic circumstances.

Global Benefits From International Financial Systems
1. It facilitates international trade. It connects buyers and seller across the globe without worrying about availability of foreign exchange, etc. It also provides financial liberalisation.

2. International financial system supports trade in a major way by way of extension of the lines of credit. Two persons in two different nations or continents can smoothly conclude a business deal without worrying about trust or intention factors. Banks from separate nations extend letters of credit for and on behalf of their clients.

3. Provides for international financial cooperation. Since economies have become integrated, nations rely more on the international financial policies. It has also enabled to bring about a strong financial architecture, which prevents and manages risk and financial crisis.

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