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Geotechnical Engineering is that branch of engineering that is mainly concerned with designing, analysis and construction of building foundations, retaining structures, slopes, tunnels, levees, landfills, wharves and other systems that are supported by soil and rocks.

This research ranges from constitutive and experimental modelling and design to numerical and analytical study of geotechnical problems. Geotechnology is a very important topic for all Civil Engineering students that are built either on or in the ground. This study is very important for valuation of all natural hazards including liquefaction, sinkholes, rock falls, landslides and earthquakes.

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Understanding Geotechnical Engineering from a scientific perspective

Geotechnical Engineering mainly deals with deformation and defining of strength of the soil. Silt, sand, clay, snow and rock are some important ingredients that are dealt with in Geotechnical engineering. Both Engineering Geology as well as Geotechnical Engineering are regarded as parts of Civil Engineering.

In this branch of engineering studies scientific principles and methods of Engineering are taken into consideration in order to get an understanding the physical properties of the ground. Knowing these important details are important for building construction. Today we use the term “Geotechnics” in order to explain both the theoretical as well as the practical application of this discipline.

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The importance of Geotechnical Engineers

Before the construction of any building it is important to properly assess the conditions of ground. When an engineer is doing this work it is important for him to check the subsurface boring. They also need to test both recovery and testing of soil. With the help of this testing engineers are able to check the various soil mechanics. These include porosity, weight, and permeability, compressibility, bearing capacity, deformations and also strength of soil.

If any particular structure will require a deep foundation then the engineer will have to perform a cone penetration test. This will help engineers understand the amount of end bearing resistance that is there in the subsurface. Stability of designed and natural slopes and groundwater levels are also measured during this process.

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