Genetics Homework Answers

Genetics Assignment Answers

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We are aware of the fact that every person is unique and it is these genes that provide uniqueness to these individuals. Genes are present inside body cells and it is these genes that decide how you look and how your body functions. The genes in each and every individual are slightly different and as a result they have a different set of instructions. It is these genes that provide uniqueness to individuals.

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It is these genes that help you to get a clear understanding about why cancer or diabetes run in the family.  Genetics also helps you to understand why it is important to know about family health history and how this history helps you to stay fit.

Why has study of Genetics become so important?

There is a great possibility for doctors and scientists to treat patients by making use of genetic information. Genes are instructions that help your body to understand how they can make proteins that will help them to survive and also grow.

Genetics helps doctors identify each of these proteins and how they help in making your body work. You also come to know what will happen if these proteins do not work properly. This knowledge will definitely help scientists to develop medicines as well as treatments.

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Why is genetic research important?

Genetic research is quite complicated and scientists are very much aware of functioning of genes and their effect on health of the human beings. But genetic diseases do not follow any rules. People with certain genes tend to have a greater risk of certain conditions associated with that particular set of genes. In short it can be clearly stated that there is a high possibility of individuals getting affected by genetic disorders.

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