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Feminism: a widely misunderstood concept:

Feminism is a concept that’s largely misinterpreted. While Feminism is about establish equality between all human beings, irrespective of gender, it’s more often interpreted as a movement that aims to undermine men’s right in order to uphold that of women’s. The people who propagate these wrong notions are Infact those that have no clear understanding of the term and neither have they ever bothered to read up about the actual feminist movements. Unlike the common ignorant belief, feminism is not about man-bashing.

On the contrary, feminism promotes equality and it strives to break the gender roles not only for women but for men as well. It’s a movement opposed to patriarchy, not a movement that wishes to replace patriarchy and to take its place. Patriarchy suppresses rights of women and the men aren’t left unharmed either. Feminism wishes to do away with all such social evils which have created a gender construct and makes life hell for anyone who doesn’t wish to conform.

Feminist and gender issues homework help

Young adults are very important members of the society because they are the ones who are going to shape the world in future. The thoughts and the beliefs of the next generation depend entirely on them, for the upcoming generations will learn what the present generation preaches. As such, it is very important that they understand things the way they are instead of perpetuating incorrect biased notions.

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Gender roles: how it affects both men and women:

The gender roles which the society imposes upon its members confine people, their dreams and aspirations. Men are always expected to be the bread winner of the family and while the women are always considered to be fragile beings who must depend on men in some or the other. In the absence of these predisposed gender roles, men can stop their constant struggle to prove they conform to the haloed ideals of masculinity. Women on the other hand and go on live their lives without being told what they should do or what they should. To create a college assignment on gender students, students can opt for gender and feminist issues homework help.

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