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Define Gauss’ law

Gauss’ law would come up with the knowledge about what would the electric field appear because of a known distribution of electric charge. The first formulation of this theory was made in 19th century. Gauss’ law also comprises one of Maxwell’s Equations that is described in the force of electromagnetism.

Gauss’s law homework help will come up with specific explanation of the theory which would elaborate as: the total of electric flux out of closed surface which is again equal to that of magnitude of charge which is enclosed and divided by permittivity of free space. The equation would stand as:

ᶲ = Q/Ɛ0

  • ᶲ stands for electric flux, Nm2/C
  • “Q” enclosed charge, C
  • Ɛ0 Permittivity of free space (8.85 x 10-12)

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