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Gas-liquid chromatography (GLC):

Gas-liquid chromatography is made accessible by the gas-liquid homework help so that the students face no difficulty to understandit. It is aprocessin which an inert gas segregates the substances. The gas is thus passedthrough a tube filled with some inert solid that consists of a non-volatile coating.Now the segregation process depends on each the movement of the components which depends on its solubility in oil and its vapor pressure.

The word chromatography means understanding through color changes. In other words, gas-liquid assignment help also defines it as theway by which the substance to be examinedput into a vertical glass tube containing that consists of an adsorbent. The several materials of the mixture then moveat different speeds depending on their degree of attraction to it. This movement produces different bands of color depending on the various levels of the adsorption column.

According to gas-liquid homework help, all chromatography comprises a stationary phase and a mobile phase. In gas-liquid chromatography, the mobile phase is an inert gas like helium and the stationary phase consists of a liquid of greater boiling point.

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