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Individual and market demand both are part of the micro economics. As the name suggests one deal with single consumer or household or a firm while the other is the quantity of all individual demand together. When we go through the definitions, you will understand it clearly. From individual to market demand homework help provides a solution for students so that they can do their assignment without going through much issues or pressure.

What is Individual Demand?

This is the demand of one single consumer, household or firm. It mainly represents the total quantity of goods which would be bought by a single consumer at a given period of time at a given price point.

Individual Demand Curve

An individual demand curve for a service, commodity or goods can be defined through graphs and statistics by placing specific goods, commodity or service on it. A unit which is used in measuring the commodity’s quantity.From individual to market demand homework help tutors makes this easy by providing examples with statistics makes it easier for students to understand.

Market Demand

Generally, demand can be defined as quantity of service or goods which consumers or businesses will be able to own or buy at a certain specific price at a specific point in time. Market demand is simply the sum total of all individual demand from buyers for a particular product in market. From individual to market demand assignment help along with proper definitions explains it with a statistic graph.

Differences between the Two

There are some differences like what individual and market demand represents, factors which influence these two and certain other factors. These are the main difference which is found between the two. So it is given below in short, for a detailed account of it, you can order our from individual to market demand homework help. The differences are:

  • In individual one, it just represents a single consumer’s need. The quantity it shows or represents is for a single person who is willing to pay a specific amount during a specific time for a commodity where as in market curve it represents the need or demand for all consumers. The sum total of individual needs makes the market demand.
  • In individual one certain factors like income, age, sex, competing commodities’ price, habits and expectations affect it. In market one, these factors influence it but on a larger scale like a community’s habit, taste, etc.
  • Where there is a lot of market demand for a particular commodity or service, there are many individuals who won’t be buying the commodity or service though they are included in market.

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