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What is frequency table?

A frequency table is the most important term in Statistics that is used to analysis and manipulate the data for getting the requisite result. The small term frequency itself is very much important and indicates how many times the particular data value occurs.

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What is the importance?

The importance is the preparation of report and data to grab the exact outcome when the records are related to the same event. You should always arrange and collect data in ascending order according to their agreeing magnitude. The frequency is always represented by f.

What are the other important terms?

The other important terms related to this are-

  • Frequency.
  • Class intervals.
  • Group.

What is the important of Class intervals?

It is completely related to frequency table and when you get that frequency table is very much large and it is not able to prepare a frequency table, then you should take care of the data by applying group. This group is known as Class intervals.

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